A Recovering Perfectionist’s Christmas

As a recovering perfectionist, can I tell you that
this time of year really
tests my tizzy triggers.

I want to do everything perfectly,
meet everyone’s needs,
satisfy everyone’s wish list
and be of good cheer as I do it.


That’s not what happened this year.

Did I get the gifts purchased, elegantly wrapped and mailed on time?
No, I sent checks – but they were hand written if that counts for anything.  
Did I write cards with a personal note and and update on life?
No, I sent an email with a picture of Mr. 4-Ever and I at a lovely country club
where we were the guests of generous friends.

(I used this photo because my own tree has only been up for about 10 minutes and
this is the only picture we have with a Christmas background this year.) 
Did I get my home decorated with pine boughs and cinnamon stick potporri?
Um, no, obviously, see the explanation above about the photo. 
We got our tree up so late, I considered not even bothering with ornaments. 
Did I feed my guests sumptuous feasts?
No, Mr. 4-Ever and I ate leftover spaghetti in front of the TV because
this isn’t our year to have the children at our house.

I could be discouraged and disappointed and even depressed,
but this season isn’t supposed to be
ALL ABOUT the gifts and the guests.

It’s about Jesus’ birth.

So, I’m taking a deep breath and letting go of perfectionism.

If your Christmas ended up being less than perfect too,
remember that this side of heaven, perfection is impossible,
but it is curable.

Merry Imperfect Christmas!

Scripture Refresher: For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.  (Isaiah 9:6 NIV)

Prayer: We praise you, God, for being perfect and for being patient with us as we strive to do our best and falling so short.  We celebrate your gift of Jesus today and thank you for loving us so much.  Amen. 




  1. Sharalyn Downing on December 25, 2015 at 2:32 pm

    Merry Christmas,
    Thank you for your message this morning it was just what I needed.
    My mother (94) went in the hospital Dec.3 th. & now nursing home for rehab. She
    will be coming home on Tuesday. Thank God for all his healing & strength .
    So like you all the decorating didn’t get done at my home either, but I
    have so much to be thankful for..
    God Bless you & Dave .

    • Robyn Dykstra on December 25, 2015 at 2:42 pm

      Amen, Sharalyn.

  2. Mary Sue (Susie) on December 25, 2015 at 2:42 pm

    Thanks Robyn for sharing,
    It’s Christmas morning and I’m feeling gloomy. No kids or grandkids rushing around in the house.
    Adjustments were made to fit schedules of my kids families. I was getting misty eyed. Then my daughter called and I realized we were doing FaceTime and on the other end my grandchildren were showing their gifts. What a blessing.
    Needless to say the tears were over flowing. The technology we have today can be a blessing.
    So with my husband in his recliner and I in my rocker we sit and read without all the bustle, knowing that soon we need to prepare for our evening dinner here with the family. The stockings are hung by the chimney with care and presents are overflowing from under the tree and we thank the Lord for a blessed year.
    From one of the Mary’s at Women Anew

    • Robyn Dykstra on December 25, 2015 at 5:26 pm

      I felt God prompt me to write this post and had to believe that I’m not the only empty nester with a non-traditional holiday this year. Glad we can focus on what we do have and celebrate Jesus in the midst of our loneliness and quiet homes.

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