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Loving Difficult People

By Robyn Dykstra / January 28, 2024

Do you have anyone in your life that’s a handful? You know, really irritating? Downright difficult?  Be careful how you treat them or burning coals may be falling on your…

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Progress Report

By Robyn Dykstra / January 21, 2024

  We are just a few weeks into the new year. How are you doing at your goals and resolutions? More than that, how are you doing at your progress…

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Bible Reading Challenge

By Robyn Dykstra / January 14, 2024

How hard can this be? I signed up for one of those experiential coaching programs at Mr. 4-Ever’s urging. He’d taken the training and could not stop talking about it. “Wonderful”…

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5 Steps to Overcoming Discouragement

By Robyn Dykstra / January 7, 2024

FACT: The enemy of your soul has no shortage of ways to create havoc in your life. Fear, calamity, doubt, shame, illness, lies … the list goes on. But I…

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What’s Better Than New Year Resolutions?

By Robyn Dykstra / December 31, 2023

Let’s face it, New Year’s resolutions don’t work for the vast majority of us… Case in point, remember earlier this month when everyone was smiling and cheerful and generous? And…

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Merry Christmas 2023

By Robyn Dykstra / December 24, 2023

Merry Christmas! Like the Wise Men in Matthew 2, we have been diligent in seeking our Savior and His direction this past year. And, like the Wise Men, we have…

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Faithful in Every Season

By Robyn Dykstra / December 17, 2023

  Has anyone told you that God won’t give you more than you can handle? I’ve heard that comment plenty. And there was a time when I believed it. Then…

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“Fear Not!”

By Robyn Dykstra / December 10, 2023

  A few years ago, my folks (who were and are VERY active for their age) had an invitation to a high state occasion back in Wisconsin, but they were…

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Good News, Great Joy!

By Robyn Dykstra / December 3, 2023

Waiting for Good News When COVID-19 swept the country wreaking havoc and destruction, my friend Alicia—a full-time caregiver, wife, mom, and medical assistant—was overwhelmed. Her mother had been suffering with…

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Feasting on Faithfulness

By Robyn Dykstra / November 26, 2023

  Mr. 4-Ever loves to be out in nature and he does all the hunting and fishing stuff. Our freezer is full of interesting menu options. Just last week, we…

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