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7 Myths That Keep You Stuck
& The Promises of God That Set You Free

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Faith Over Fear

By Robyn Dykstra / August 15, 2021

Facing challenges When I married Adventure Boy, he came with an airplane and a motorcycle which I found quite exhilarating.  But then he said to me, “It’s absolutely ridiculous for…

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Know God Through His Word

By Robyn Dykstra / August 8, 2021

Turmoil enhances listening.  Before my husband, Dave, and I were married, he experienced a tunnel of turmoil. His girlfriend left him just weeks before he’d planned to propose. His business…

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Beware of Poison

By Robyn Dykstra / August 1, 2021

We live in an old farmhouse. (Emphasis on old. Picture fieldstone foundation, gross basement and scary attic.) And, we have no cat. The reason this is important for you to…

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Are You On The Team Or A Raving Fan?

By Robyn Dykstra / July 25, 2021

Will you be watching the Olympics? Have you picked your favorite athletes? Will you stand in front of your television, screaming, “Go! Go! Go!” “You can do it!” “Don’t give…

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3 Mindsets To Overcome Fear of Failure

By Robyn Dykstra / July 18, 2021

  Did you know most people work harder to avoid failure than they will to achieve success? Fear of failure keeps them living small, scared and isolated. I know that…

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Resistance Does Not Always Mean Stop

By Robyn Dykstra / July 11, 2021

Failure is an effective teacher.  When Dave went to college, algebra was a requirement to graduate. He’s good at numbers, but not when math equations include letters of the alphabet.…

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Want to be a speaker or author?

By Robyn Dykstra / June 27, 2021

How do I get started? I am often asked, “How did you get started speaking?” My mom would probably say I stood up in my crib and asked, “Where’s my…

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Father’s Day

By Robyn Dykstra / June 20, 2021

It’s Father’s Day  I hope you have a man in your life worthy of celebrating. A father who loves and protects you. A husband who partners and parents with you…

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Don’t Ignore That Nudge

By Robyn Dykstra / June 12, 2021

    The nudge. We’ve all ignored it. That little nudge from Holy Spirit to go, or do, or say or help! The nudge is so subtle, it’s easy to…

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How Much Does God Love You?

By Robyn Dykstra / June 6, 2021

Eyes on you. Every time one of my boys is playing a guitar or acting in a play, or competing in a sport, you can bet I am front and…

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