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What Do You Do When You Lose Out?

By Robyn Dykstra / February 22, 2016

I just found out that I lost out!  I missed out on a big speaking job that I really wanted.  I thought I had a good shot at it.  I…

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Are Distractions Keeping You From God?

By Robyn Dykstra / February 17, 2016

It’s Lent. The 40 days from Ash Wednesday to Easter. (46 for the truly committed who don’t take Sundays off.) Time to connect with God in a personal way and…

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Better Than Chocolate for V-Day

By Robyn Dykstra / February 11, 2016

V could stand for many things.  It could stand for Victory. The Superbowl winners are still celebrating as they get their rings and bank accounts resized. Presidential candidates are ramping…

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Goodness, God, What are you up to?

By Robyn Dykstra / February 5, 2016

Do you celebrate God’s goodness? God’s goodness doesn’t look like I wanted thought it would. Like you, I’ve had several commissionings from God. He called me to be his own.…

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Blindsided to See Clearly

By Robyn Dykstra / January 28, 2016

I’m guest posting at Katie M. Reid today. Have you ever been blindsided by life? From out of nowhere, you’re hit with bad news and in an instant it all…

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When Compassion Turns to Competition

By Robyn Dykstra / January 22, 2016

I admit it. I’m a grocery shopping snob expert. After decades of feeding family and friends, several temporary live-ins, and many welcome (but often) unexpected guests, I can assure you…

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Are You A Rest Resister?

By Robyn Dykstra / January 14, 2016

Everything I read about a balanced life stresses the importance of rest. Really? Rest? Just the thought of rest stresses me out! I’m too busy to REST! Depending on the…

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Potato Body and New Year’s Resolutions

By Robyn Dykstra / January 7, 2016

I attended a wedding recently, and when I saw the pictures of myself on Facebook, I was floored! Mercy! What has happened to me? It wasn’t my mother staring back…

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A Recovering Perfectionist’s Christmas

By Robyn Dykstra / December 25, 2015

As a recovering perfectionist, can I tell you that this time of year really tests my tizzy triggers. I want to do everything perfectly, meet everyone’s needs, satisfy everyone’s wish list…

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One Person Can Make A Difference!

By Robyn Dykstra / December 17, 2015

It’s Christmas time again, and the movies that bring tears of joy, hold you in suspense, and usher in a season of hope are being rented and shown nearly around…

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