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7 Myths That Keep You Stuck
& The Promises of God That Set You Free

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Practice Kindness ‘Til You’re an Expert

By Robyn Dykstra / November 27, 2022

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” – Mark Twain The beautiful thing about kindness is that everyone can do it. Anyone … in…

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Best EVER Pumpkin Pie Recipe

By Robyn Dykstra / November 20, 2022

I have discovered the MOST delicious pumpkin pie recipe ever. You have to try it. Might as well make a few practice ones so you’re sure you have the technique…

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My Best Jesus Imitation

By Robyn Dykstra / November 13, 2022

Meet Yip and Yelp The neighbor in my backyard just got two beagles. I have no idea what their names are but we call them Yip and Yelp.  These dogs…

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Why Do I Have All This Resistance In My Life?

By Robyn Dykstra / November 6, 2022

  Dave puts in a garden every year. All summer, he nurtures these plants. There’s the planting and the watering, the weeding and the fertilizing – and a lot of…

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Show and Tell

By Robyn Dykstra / October 30, 2022

Show and Tell As a curious, but insecure, youngster, I looked forward to Show and Tell at school. Just like it sounds, Show and Tell was when kids brought a…

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Storms Ahead

By Robyn Dykstra / October 23, 2022

There is a lot of life that we cannot control.  I’ve never seen such devastation as caused by Hurricane Ian in SW FL. The deadliest hurricane in nearly a century…

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Love Is (Still) In The Air

By Robyn Dykstra / October 16, 2022

Where it began Dave and I celebrated 21 years of (mostly) wedded bliss last week. Like so many couples, we’d included I Corinthians 13:4-8 in our ceremony. As I reminisced…

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Scary New Seasons

By Robyn Dykstra / October 9, 2022

Storm’s coming. Steady announcements on the radio warned of a lulu of a storm that was picking up strength, speed, and lots of water as it made its way across…

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Fear is Not the Boss of You

By Robyn Dykstra / October 2, 2022

A tale of terror. When my boys were teens, my husband and I took them to an amusement park. I reluctantly agreed to accompany them on a roller-coaster ride. It…

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Get Out Of The Crazy Tree

By Robyn Dykstra / September 25, 2022

In the Crazy tree?  The crazy tree is the one you climb when life is out of control. When people you love don’t behave properly, or money is way short,…

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