Christian Women’s Speaker

Robyn is passionate about helping women find hope in the midst of their messes – whether large or small, self-induced or thrust upon them.

Robyn speaks to the hearts and hurts of your women.  As a former Red Hot Mess with a reckless disregard for God, she’s experienced the transforming power of God’s love.  Years later, as a fully surrendered Christian woman who was widowed twice in only four years – she had a lot of questions for God that required an answer. Questions like:

Does God really care about me?

Where was God when that (awful, dreadful, horrible) thing happened? 

How do I find peace/hope/forgiveness/contentment/joy, etc. again?

Robyn will answer those questions!  Her discoveries are your solutions, and her life-changing messages will leave you encouraged, uplifted and energized to face life’s challenges with hope and strength.  

Through in-depth Biblical teaching and hilarious personal illustrations,



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She is a MUST-HAVE speaker for any Christian Women’s event.
Her new book, The Widow Wore Pink, is on sale now.