What Confession Is Good for Your Soul?

Sin is sneaky!

My son, Eli and I were at the Krispy Kreme drive-though, coupon in hand. We were moments away from warm, frosted donuts, but something was wrong with the coupon I was trying to use. I wanted chocolate frosted but the coupon was for glazed. I put up quite a fuss to get my donuts at a discount and succeeded.

Pulling away victorious, donuts in hand, my boy looked at me and said, “Mom, you were really mean to that lady.”

OUCH!  I sure was.

“Son, you are so right. Will you forgive me for talking to her like that?”
“Sure, mama, … can I have a donut?”

As he ate his circle of deliciousness, I silently asked God to forgive me for modeling behavior I would never tolerate from the young man next to me.  I thought that was done, but Holy Spirit laid his hand on my heart, prompting me to return and apologize to the girl at the Krispy Kreme.

With the store already disappearing in my rear view mirror and using the traffic zipping by at breakneck speeds, I justified why I couldn’t go back.

Holy Spirit wasn’t having any of it. For three days, He kept the pressure on till I couldn’t stand it anymore.

Correcting Your Failures

Back at the Krispy Kreme, I asked for Rose. She came from her position at the drive-through window to greet me at the counter.

“Hi,” I said as friendly as I could. “I went to the drive-through three days ago and was very rude to you. I came to say I was sorry.”

She looked at me for a split second and said, “I don’t remember you.”

Taken aback, but committed to making amends, I said, “Well, I remember you, and I have come back to apologize.”

“Ok, is that all you need from me?” she asked.
Awkwardly, I said, “Well, yes, I am sorry. I shouldn’t have talked to you like that. Will you forgive me?”

She responded with, “It don’t matter.”

Out of my mouth pops, “It does matter. My God loves you too much to let me talk to you that way.”

I would love to tell you that God broke through and she cried, and I cried, and she surrendered her life to Jesus, but that isn’t what happened. She looked at me like I was an alien, then said with an attitude of indifference, “Whatever!” As I stood there stunned, she turned on her heel and went back to her position at the window.

Learning the lesson painfully.

What in the world? God, why would you drag me back here to be humiliated and embarrassed if you weren’t going to use this for your glory?

Ever been in that spot? You do the right thing but get the wrong result?

As you have probably guessed, Holy Spirit pressuring me to go back and apologize wasn’t about Rose or her salvation. While I might have planted a seed on her journey of faith, it was all about me learning to keep a clean slate with God.

When we let even small sins start to accumulate, they create a chasm between us and God. Shame mounts and we are less and less inclined to approach God for advice, direction, or affirmation. As time passes, we get used to bearing a burden of guilt that God never meant for us to carry.

If you feel weighted down today by an error in judgement or flaw of character, won’t you confess it to God and receive his forgiveness? If you feel Holy Spirit nudging you, don’t wait any longer. Confess it to him, (1John1:9) and to one another and be healed (James 5:16).

How does God get your attention or redirect you back to him? Leave me a comment below. 


Prayer: Father, I confess that I carry things that you never meant for me to shoulder. Lead me to offer those things to you so my burden is light again. Give me the courage to do what you ask of me for my own good and your glory. In Jesus Name. amen.