Crazy Big Prayers

The bad news is … 

From my home office, I could hear the racket. Loud, clunking arrhythmic noises were coming from something big and mechanical. At first, I thought the washing machine was out of balance and trying to walk out of the basement again but I quickly discovered my central air conditioning unit was the source of the noise.

This is all kinds of bad news! It was 90 degrees outside and there was a lot more summer on the calendar. I shut it down and called the repair man to look at it. His assessment?
“Call the sale office. You need a new unit,” he told me.
“There’s no way to fix this one?” I ask hopefully.
“This unit is 22 years old. It’s served you well. Let it die in peace.”
“I see. Well, can you estimate what it would cost to replace?”
Without a moment of hesitation, he said, “I’d guess close to $3000.00.”

Bad news = Big prayers

I nearly fainted and not from the heat! Maybe you have $3000.00 waiting to be spent on a new air conditioner, but I did not. Summer is the slow season for speaking and without much of an income, every penny in savings had been accounted for till September. I’d just have to limp along without air conditioning.

The next day was another blinger! Hot and humid. I tried to coax the air conditioner to work if even for a little while to cool and dry the air. It sputtered but then started making the clunking noise again. 

This is war! I went outside, laid my hands on that contraption and prayed for it to come back to life. I said, “Lord, nothing is impossible for you.  I believe you can easily restore this machine. But, if this machine is not to be resurrected, then I pray for a money miracle. Provide an unexpected windfall like a big speaking opportunity or provide unexpected benevolence to pay for a new air conditioner.  In Jesus Name, I pray and thank you in advance. Amen.”

An answer to prayer

I went back in the house and waited. That night my prayer was answered, but not in the way you’d expect or even the way that I prayed. The temperature outside fell into the 40s! I opened the windows and let the cool air displace the heat. The next morning it was so cold in the house, I had to dig out a sweater to put on. I giggled with delight at God’s creative solution.

I’d come up with a plan and presented my suggestion to God. I even gave him alternatives, in case He needed choices. He came up with an answer I never conceived of. I don’t know how long these unseasonably cool days and nights will last, but they have been a sign from God that:

He sees me.
He hears me.
He is concerned for me.
And …
He is working on my behalf.

I am all about big, bold specific prayers, but I know I have to let God decide how and when to answer them. I’ll keep pressing in for more, as I wait for Him to respond. I’m still figuring out a way to get a new air conditioner unit, and as I wait, God is teaching me a new lesson about trusting Him.

The end of my resources is just the beginning of God’s.

He creates and solves and delivers in ways we couldn’t ask or imagine or even dream of. His storehouses are stocked beyond our imagination. My job is to pray and trust. God will determine how and when to deliver.

I’d love to hear your story of God’s unexpected answer to your prayers.
Leave a comment below so we can all learn to trust Him more.

Scripture Refresher: A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps. Proverbs 16:9(NKJV)

Prayer: God, I get so worried about things, help me to remember you have all the solutions to all my issues and problems.  Big dilemmas for me are nothing for you.  Remind me that nothing is impossible for you.  Amen.