Creating New Normals

What is your new normal?  

In the midst of a nationwide quarantine, there are gobs of suggestions to ride out the days till life returns to normal.

  • Exercise
  • Scroll Facebook or Instagram
  • Watch television
  • Organize closets
  • Clean everything in sight.

One of the ways I’m coping with this crisis is by reading my Bible. It’s one of the best ways I know to connect with God, recall the myriad ways He rescued His people, redeemed dreadful situations,  conquered enemies and multiplied miracles.

Why the Bible? 

The Bible is engaging, historical, comforting, educational, transformational and entertaining but I haven’t always thought that way.

When I first started following Jesus in my 30’s, the ladies in my small group told me to read the Bible, but sheesh, such a big book. Where do you start?

My Study Bible has 2335 pages – not counting the maps or the concordance.


That is a lot of pages.

If the Bible intimidates you with its thees and thous and dosts or seems overwhelming just by virtue of its girth, take heart. 

Here are the best ways I know to make the Bible fascinating.

  1. Get yourself a Bible in language you can understand.

    Don’t worry about it not being the King James Version or a translation of the original Greek. Use the New Living Translation or The Message Bible or a Chronological Bible.

    You’re not studying to pass a test, so get a version of the Bible you understand easily.

  2. Read the stories.

    Books like Ruth, Esther, and Jonah. Read about Samson, David & Goliath or Gideon capture our interest and engage our imagination. They stick in our memories better than statistics and they are completely relatable to what you’re facing right now.

    Even if you think you know these great stories, you’ll discover new truths every time you read them.

  3. Read a chapter a day.

    Read a Proverb or a Psalm or a chapter a day to gain wisdom for life and continuity of the Bible.

  4. Not a reader?

    Listen to the Bible instead. Search for BibleGateway in your app store. It’s free and offers lots of audio options.

  5. Ask God what you should remember about what you read.

    Maybe it’s God’s faithfulness or His patience or His Redemption. Whatever it its will bless you, for sure.

When you read the Bible for the purpose of getting to know the Author of Everything, you will find the peace that’s been lacking and the wisdom to make great decisions for everyday life.

Whatever you are doing to normalize your life right now, I hope that one of the routines you’ll incorporate or continue is reading your Bible – just to get to know and be reminded of God’s character, love and power.   

I’d love to hear what your Bible reading looks like and how it connects you to God more intimately. Leave me a comment below.

Prayer: Lord God Almighty, flatten the curve. Conquer the pestilence. Ignite hope in your people. Douse our leaders with wisdom and our researchers with creative brilliance. We trust you and love you. In Jesus Name amen