Decisions Made Simple

It’s Michigan’s strawberry season and I was on the hunt for a beautiful, bright red, small flavorful strawberry for strawberry shortcake.

I knew exactly what I wanted so it didn’t take long to narrow my search for the perfect berries.

On the way back out of the farmer’s market, (which is huge here in Grand Rapids), there were all kinds of other things – jewelry and artwork and breads displayed enticingly.

Then I saw the popcorn stand! Lord have mercy, we do love our popcorn at the Dykstra house, but the biggest popcorn fan is my oldest, Jake.

Why not grab a bag for my boy?

Here’s where it got tricky. 

They had savory popcorn and sweet popcorn. They had something called angry dill popcorn. But then they had regular dill popcorn, and then they had cheesy popcorn and they had bacon popcorn and they had kettle corn popcorn and suddenly the multitude of choices immobilized me!

I could not make a decision.

There were too many choices and I did not want to get it wrong.

I just had to stop for a second and make a quick call.

“Jake! Which one do you want?”

“Angry dill sounds amazing!”

Decision made, just like that.

When decision making is hard, just stop a hot minute and say, “Who do I need to call?” Is there somebody that you can call for advice or do you just need to send up a quick prayer?

Clarity makes decisions a whole lot simpler. 

I’d love to hear about the last decision you needed help making. Hit reply and tell me about it.

Verse for today: The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge,
for the ears of the wise seek it out. – Proverbs 18:15 

Prayer: Lord, oh Lord, how we flounder without your guidance. Give us clarity and courage, provide us with confidants and friends to soundboard ideas. Let your will be known. amen.

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