Done Being Fooled And Ready For A Do-Over

Have you ever been played for a fool?

It feels awful, doesn’t it?
As if we don’t make enough foolish choices of our own, the world is full of shysters.

Sometimes even good intentioned decisions lead to lousy outcomes.

That’s what this week’s video is about.
Starting over with Jesus.

Take a look.  Click anywhere on the image to play.

Even if your past includes things you’re not proud of, God offers forgiveness and restoration.

Ask him now to put you back on track.

Prayer: Oh Lord, the things I wish I could do over. The things I’ve said that I wish I could take back. I have such regret and guilt. Your Bible says that I can confess these things to you and you will forgive me. Take them from me and give me a fresh start. In Jesus Name. Amen.  

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