Don’t Stop Asking

If you have kids, or have spent any time with kids, you know they ask for stuff, and they ask a lot! I’ve got two kids, but one was much more persistent than the other.

“Can I have it?” he’d ask. And whatever “it” was, he couldn’t live without it.

“No,” I’d tell him.

He’d wait about a minute. “Can I have it now?”

“No!” I’d answer.

He’d wait about ten minutes. “How about now? Can I have it now?”

He’d keep this up for days or even weeks if it was something he really wanted.

Sometimes I said no because I wanted to see how badly he really did want something. If he asked a couple times, then moved on or forgot about it, I knew it wasn’t all that important to him. But if he remained persistent, I knew he meant what he was asking for.

Today, that kid is a mighty pray-er. He goes after prayers like he used to go after a new toy
or a raise in his allowance.


Not a lost cause

God wants us to ask and keep on asking. He wants us to be persistent in our prayers.

Too often we ask, and when we don’t receive right away, the enemy whispers in our ear,
What a wreck you are. You are worthless. God won’t give you what you’re asking for because you don’t deserve it. Give up and toss in the towel. It’s a lost cause. You are a lost cause.

All lies, my friend.

God is the giver of good gifts. And as his child, you are an heir. That means nothing good will he withhold from you.


Just two words…

When the enemy tries to get you to admit defeat and give up praying, remember these two words: But God.

They may be my favorite two words in the world.

But God wants to restore you back to wholeness.

But God wants to untangle your mess and redeem your life.

But God isn’t finished with you yet.

But God has good plans in store for you.

So keep praying persistently!


In good company…

You have good company and excellent models: Joseph’s relationship with his brothers was restored; Samson’s strength was restored; Naomi was restored from bitterness to joy; King David was restored after his indiscretion with Bathsheba; Jesus restored Peter to a greater position than before his crucifixion; Paul and Mark’s relationship was restored.

You are not beyond hope.

Persistently pray for a But God intervention.

When I was learning to fly airplanes, my flight instructor told me, “I will let this aircraft get out of your control, but I will never let it get out of mine.”

Your life may be out of your control, but it’s never out of God’s.

So be persistent when you pray.

God hears you and is certainly at work putting everything in place for the gift or opportunity to be revealed.


What have you been persistently praying for lately?

Leave me a comment. I’d love to join you.



“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” —Matthew 7:7



Lord God Almighty, it’s so hard to wait for the answer. Sometimes I get impatient and believe that you aren’t listening or working on my behalf. Forgive me for that. Instill in me a persistence that won’t quit praying until I’ve received my But God moment from you. Amen.

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