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What’s overflowing in you?

I set up the coffee pot, hit start and walked away. Just like I’ve done everyday for the past umpteen years. When I returned to the kitchen a few minutes later, I heard the hiss of the overflowing liquid hit the hot plate and the drip, splat, splash of coffee flowing off the counter and onto the floor. Arrgh!

Since my coffee carafe is metal, I hadn’t noticed it was already half-full of coffee from the night before. I’d brewed a new pot on top of the cold pot – ruining both pots!

I had a mess to clean up and no coffee!

As I fussed and mopped and grumbled and wiped, God whispered in my ear. “There’s no room for me to pour my fresh stuff in YOU if you’re already full of yourself.”

Can you say ouch?

It had been a while since I had spent any time in prayer. My Bible lay dust-covered on the bed stand. I couldn’t remember the last time I paid attention in church or spent time in community with women who loved the Lord and studied the Bible together.

That lack of connection was showing up my behavior and demeanor. I was often irritable or discouraged.

That never happens to you, right?

We are supposed to be filled daily by God. Holy Spirit longs to lead, direct, teach, and correct (John 14:26) but when we don’t spend time in His word or connecting with Him in Prayer, we fill up on ungodly substitutes.

  • Feeling important by accomplishing tasks.Making unnecessary purchases to feel fulfilled.
  • Dulling the ache of emptiness with alcohol or pills or busyness.
  • Redirecting the attention of our pain with cutting or self-flagellation.
  • Filling the dry hollow with the attention or affirmation of men.

Our cup is supposed to overflow (Ps. 23:5-6) with God’s love, mercy and righteousness, not our own self-sufficiency, idols, and busyness.

We are to be filled with God’s Peace and Presence so we are equipped and sustained for all hard times. To be prepared for an emergency situation. So we can pour out to others.

When we fill ourselves, there is no room for God to pour into us.

What you need! 

I’ve just finished writing and recording a fantastic video driven Bible study for small groups (or independent study) called Journey to Trust and it’s on sale this week!

Short, powerful, entertaining lessons to keep you in God’s word and in his Presence so you can receive all that he has for you. 

If you’re ready to find joy in the midst of difficult circumstances, pray with expectancy, and live in expectation of God’s goodness to shine on you … Journey to Trust is the way to make that happen.

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If your faith is stale and you need fresh words, direction, or wisdom from the Lord, you should get Journey to Trust.

If your proverbial pot is full, be thankful for the good that’s in it, and use Journey to Trust to pour out and refresh others.

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