Do You Expect Good Things From God?


Do you expect good things from God
or do you settle for the mundane
when God offers the miraculous?

 Mr. 4-Ever and I were driving home 
from an event on a
hot and sunny day.
We’d been on the road for hours
and I just had to have
a break … and a chocolate malt.

A jumbo cup of
thick, chocolatey deliciousness.

I tried to talk myself out of it
but the hankering would not go away.

Finally, I asked Mr. 4-Ever
to be on the lookout for ice cream.

At the next exit,
we followed the signs to McDonald’s.

Mind you, McDonald’s will do,
but I had something a little different in mind.

I wanted hand scooped ice-cream
and lots of malt powder mixed
with whole milk – blended together till
it was a cold, smooth concoction
fresh from the whir of a malt maker.

Just as we saw the golden arches,
I spied an ice cream stand
on the other side of the road.

“Can we go there instead?”
I asked Mr. 4-Ever excitedly.

He was already in McDonald’s mode,
drive-through quick,
inexpensive and satisfactory.

“No, let’s just stick with McDonald’s,”
was his disappointing reply.

“Ok,” I drooped,
“I have to use the ladies room anyway.
I’ll go in and get the shake.”

At the counter,
I saw a big “OUT OF ORDER” sign
on the machine that oozes milk shakes.
I was practically giddy as I asked,
“Is your milk shake machine working?”

“No, I’m so sorry, ma’am. It’s broken.
May I get you something else?”

And THANK YOU!” I replied.

I skipped out to the car to tell Mr. 4-Ever the news.

“Are you kidding?” he questioned suspiciously.

Now, to be honest,
it’s not beyond the realm of possibility
that I might exaggerate the truth
to get what I want,
but God was protecting me on this occasion!

“Nope, I’m not kidding.
They have no ice cream capability today.
We’ll have to go across the street
to the ice cream stand, after all.”

Mr. 4-Ever shook his head,
and started the car.

He parked in the shade of the
cinder block ice cream stand.

“You deserve the best!”

was painted in big swirling script
the length of the exterior wall.

I looked at Mr.4-Ever and said,
“We would have settled for a McDonald’s shake
when God really wanted us to have
a thick, home-made chocolate malt.
You deserve the best, Dave!”

Mr. 4-Ever nodded his head smiling and said,
“Isn’t God good? 
He loves us so much!”

Last summer it was a chocolate malt.

Yesterday it was a great deal on a laptop computer
we’d otherwise not have been able to afford. 

Last week,
it was YES to a speaking opportunity
I thought was a NO GO.

Two years ago,
it was finding the tiny jewel
from Mr. 4-Ever’s watch
that had flown into the snow
while he was shoveling. 

Three years ago,
my purse was stolen.
It was recovered by police
in a different state
with all the contents still inside.

I forget to expect good things
from our good, good Father.

I settle for the mundane when
God offers the miraculous!

Expect good things from God today.

What has he
surprised you
with lately?