Follow Directions To Get The Results You Want!


Are you an improvisor or do you follow directions to a “T”?
I lean toward following the directions just because I’ve had so many failed improvisations.

Like the time my party host said, “Just bring one of your fabulous desserts.”
I flipped through my favorite recipes and decided on applesauce spice cake.
Feeling adventurous, I substituted stewed prunes for half the applesauce.

Girls! Bad plan.

I mixed and stirred and smashed and whisked, but those darn prune skins held together in my batter like little black footballs.

I should have followed the directions.

Mr. 4-Ever and I drive to most of the events I speak at, that is to say he drives and I navigate.

Even this is a bit misleading, because I don’t read an actual map.
I type an address into the GPS and we follow the blue line till the friendly voice says,
“You have arrived.”

Four times we have “arrived” — at the event planner’s house.
NOT the venue where I was scheduled to speak.


Does that happen to you or am I the only one who is GPS challenged?

I’ve learned that to “arrive” I have to follow directions carefully.

The same thing can happen with my walk with Jesus.

If I get lazy and coast on what I think I know about God or even what used to work int he past instead of letting Him give me new directions, I won’t end up in the right place, or I’ll be ill prepared for a new assignment or I’ll miss an opportunity because I didn’t follow directions.

To get new instructions or clarify current ones:


Sit at Jesus’ feet.
Spend time in quiet reflection.
Worship him with song and prayer.


Keep your nose in the Good Book.
Read it, study it, ruminate over it so you can recognize truth from a lie as soon as you hear it.


Meet together with like-minded friends to talk about Jesus!
Ask them to ask you what you’re hearing from God, learning in the study of His Word and if you are following His directions.

Whether you are baking a cake,
navigating across country or
searching for spiritual guidance,
you have to follow directions.

Prayer: Lord God Almighty, it’s easy to think we can navigate life on our own until we end up in places and spaces we didn’t need or want to go. Lead us, Holy Spirit as we look to you for fresh direction. Make your Word come alive with inspiration as we read. Reveal the course of direction for our lives in every season. We ask these things in the might name of Jesus. Amen.

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