Follow God On Your Divine Journey

Are you so busy that the idea of following God a divine journey sounds impossible?

I’m always in a hurry! I rush from meetings to projects, then to the laundry room to rescue Mr. 4-Ever’s shirts before I have to add ironing to my long to do list.

At the grocery store, I silently hum You got to move it, move it to myself as I weave around browsers or wait impatiently at the cash register.

In staff meetings, I take copious notes on one page and write a list of things I need to do when I get home on the next page.

I’ve never been a woman who enjoyed the journey. I’m more of a destination kind of girl.

But, lately I’ve been thinking that I’m missing some of the magical moments God has planned for me along the way because I’m too rushed to see them, much less enjoy them.

What if I could let myself off the hook about having to do everything quickly or that I have to do everything myself or that everything I do has to be done perfectly or it’s a complete failure?

How can I think of life as a DIVINE JOURNEY? A journey that will take twists and turns, but will make my journey interesting and create the margin in my life to feel alive and free.


Some things, I’m going to cross off my list entirely.

I’m letting go Spring cleaning!
I’m letting go of trying to please everyone.
I’m letting go of repeating and rewriting and redoing till “it” is perfect. 


Some things will wait.

Less important tasks will wait for a little more white space to appear on my calendar.
(perhaps in my retirement years)
Things like dusting, learning to knit and repotting my house plant.


Some things are going to be moved to someone else’s list.

To create the margin for reading and relaxing and the possibility of eight hours of sleep, I will delegate. I’m not the only one who can cook, clean, and mow. Sharing the load trains the kids, employs the neighbor girl, and allows me to enjoy the moment I’m in instead of rushing through it on my way to the next one.

Life is too short to feel behind and overwhelmed 98% of the time.

How can you find margin in your day to feel at peace? Spend time at rest? Reconnect with God and family and friends?

Girlfriend, what can you delete off your list? Or put off till a later time or season? What can you delegate to someone else?

When we let go of things right now, we have more time to spend with the people we love and do the things that refresh us. When we teach someone else to do what we know how to do, it builds wisdom and life skills in them at the same time it frees us up to be fully present in this moment so we can enjoy this divine journey of life.

What is on your list that needs to be purged? If you feel busy or behind all the time, what will you do to change the story? 

Leave me a comment and let me know. 

Prayer: Lord God, guide me as I review and reset my responsibilities. Help me create margin for me to spend time with people who love me. Show me how to spend more time with you! This pace of my life is unsustainable to help me to see how and where to make changes. Lead me on your divine journey for my life. In Jesus Name, Amen

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