Goodness, God! What are you up to?

God’s faithfulness doesn’t always look like I think it should.

There have been many times that I looked to the heavens and asked,
Goodness, God! What are you up to? 
Can you relate?

Like you, I’ve had several callings or commissionings from God.
He called me to be his own.
He called me to be a wife and a mom.
Hurrah, hurrah!
He called me into workplace.
Ok! Hurrah!
 He called me into full time ministry.
Yahooooo! Hurrah!
Even when faced with obstacles and obstructions,
I trusted those callings were from God. 
But … Though I am confident of the calling,
I still run into road blocks and detours.
I have to remind myself of God’s faithfulness.
The journey to trust God never ends.
Like all journeys, some parts are smooth and easy and

other parts or rocky and hard. 

Do you need a reminder that God is worthy of your trust?
Look no further than your Bible.
Noah was called to build an arc to escape the coming flood.
He trusted God for 120 years.

 Abraham was promised an heir, but got old waiting.
He trusted God for 25 years before he got his son Isaac.
Joseph was kidnapped, sold into slavery, falsely accused, and imprisoned.
He trusted God for 13 years before saving his family from starvation.
Moses was called to lead the nation of Israel to the Promised Land.
He trusted God through TEN plagues and 40 years in the wilderness.
David was called to be king.
He trusted God for 25 years before taking the throne.
Mary was called to birth our Savior, Jesus.
She trusted God through the gossip and the fear of being stoned.
Paul was called to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
He trusted God through shipwrecks, stonings, and beatings.
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