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When the gal next to me on a recent flight found out I was a Christian speaker and author, she was full of questions. FULL of questions. This sweet believer was hungry for understanding and encouragement. I was thrilled to be part of her journey to trust Jesus and follow God.

Dave and I see it all the time. Christians not following Jesus with fervency or consistency. They’re busy, they’re tired, they’re distracted … and they’re easy targets for an enemy attack. The discouragement and fatigue is all over their faces.

Everywhere Dave and I go, we are on alert for Kingdom opportunities. Not just when we are at events, but on every flight, at every meal stop and in every checkout lane, we are positioned to speak Life, seed Truth and spread the Good News of Jesus.

Our ministry has jumpstarted the faith of thousands of women, equipping them to find the courage to truly trust God in spite of circumstances, hormones, difficult people or even natural disasters.

We want to do more.

My next project is to publish a devotional for women who are overwhelmed and desperate for God’s word. Filled with personal stories that teach Biblical principles for a life that works, it can be used as:

  • An independent guide for personal use.
  • A book study to engage conversation and community.
  • The perfect gift to a woman who longs for spiritual nourishment.

When I was sharing my prayer request to fund this book project with my small group, one member said, “2020 has been a beast for you. We believe in the mission and we believe in you. Let us help you get this book into production.” They pledged $3000.00 on the spot.

I’m going spare you the details of how I snot cried in gratitude.


Then this little group of friends encouraged me to ask for help from you. You know my heart and passion to share Jesus. You’ve been impacted by my teaching or writing. Will you be part of this project?

From our success self-publishing and marketing The Widow Wore Pink, (which has sold about 20,000 copies) we know that we can get this devotional into more hands faster than traditional publishing, and at a price that is more affordable.

(Just as a point of reference, the average book sells a total of 350 copies. Traditional publishing houses consider a book successful if it sells 3500 over its lifetime.)

I believe we can sell 3500 devotionals the first year!

Partner with me? It’s a big ask. Self-publishing a book is a $25,000 investment in Kingdom business. (see below)

Here’s the truth, whatever their circumstances, women need to have resources to encourage their souls and fire up their faith in a God who not only can, but will lead them into their purpose and calling.

So I’m asking you for help. Will you be part of this Kingdom work? Would you pray the funds in? Will you give what you can to make Jesus known to women? Every contribution makes a difference.

Make your tax deductible check out to Nissi Network.

Mail it to Robyn Dykstra
PO Box 150473
Grand Rapids, MI 49515.

(Get it postmarked by 12/31/20 to get this year’s tax deduction.)

Thanks in advance, for supporting our mission to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ in person and in print.

God Bless You and Merry Christmas.


PS If you have any questions, just hit reply to this email.
Thanks again for your contribution.

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