How Do You Know God Hears You When You Pray?

When you pray,
do you know God hears you?

Or, does it feel like your prayers
just bounce off the ceiling
and back in your lap?

How can you get God’s attention?

Recently, I was speaking at back-to-back weekend women’s retreats
at a wonderful camp in the north woods of Wisconsin.

Since it was so far from home,
Mr. 4-Ever and I stayed on the property the week between retreats.

Our cabin was cozy, furnished with hand crafted furniture.
It had heated floors and hand sewn quilted bedding.

All around me I was witness to God’s creation.
The white birch trees, the blue lake, the furry critters.
It was quiet and peaceful.
A great place to get away.

Between retreats, I had some work to do.
Emails had to be answered.
Facebook memes had to be posted.
Phone calls had to be returned.

However, in the metal roofed buildings
in the middle of nowhere,
the internet was sketchy at best.
Even using the largest network service provider,
the beachball of death swirled and swirled
on the screen of my laptop.

It wasn’t until I plugged into the camp’s main internet stream
that my emails found their way to their destination
and my posts and texts were able to be sent.

I had to go to the place
where the power source was.



When you question whether or not you have God’s attention,
survey your surroundings and your heart.

Are you so entirely distracted by the world
and the work
and the million other things that
demand your attention that
you can’t sit quiet long enough to hear
God’s still small voice?

Have you been authentic with your requests?

Have you closed yourself off from hearing God
because of
resentment or

The Bible is pretty clear and specific that God is
everywhere and hears everything.
That’s one of his superpowers.

Throughout the OT and the NT,
we are assured of his attention.

“And this is the confidence that we have toward him,
that if we ask anything
according to his will he hears us.”
1 John 5:14 NIV

“But truly God has listened;
he has attended to the voice of my prayer.”
Psalm 66:19 NIV

“I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven;
whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven,
and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”
Matthew 16:19  NIV



People go to temples and churches
to find holy ground where God can be heard.
The truth is you can enter into God’s presence
anytime and anywhere.
If you know Jesus as Savior,
you ARE a temple of the Lord’s.

Even if you don’t know Jesus personally yet,
you can be sure God hears your prayers.

Amazingly, even with all the holy heraldry going on in Heaven
with millions of angels praising God day and night,
and the earth moaning and groaning,
and seven billion other people on the earth chiming in,
when you call out to God,
He recognizes your voice
and you have you have His undivided attention.

Astonishing, but true.
That’s what makes him God.

You can be assured He is listening
because he loves you and
yearns to have a relationship with you.

God will settle for your obedient prayers at meals and bedtime.
But, as your creator,
He longs for you,
His creation, His child
to be connected to his heart
through prayer.

Clear some time – even just 10 minutes.
Find a quiet spot
and try your prayer again.

Let me know what happens.

Prayer: God in heaven, hear our prayers. 
Let us feel your presence. 
We want to know you better.