Seeds Of Inspiration – Special Edition Gift Set – (Hardcover)


  • AuthorRobyn Dykstra
  • Format: Special Edition Gift Set – Hardcover
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  • Retail Price: $59.97
  • Publisher: Gossamer Press, LLC
  • Publication Date: 3-21-23
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  • Printed in: The United States of America
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  • “Growing Your Faith”
  • “Nurturing Your Faith” 
  • “Flourishing in Your Faith”

Whether you are in the trenches of a mess, rising from the ashes, or celebrating a well-deserved sweet season of life, these real-life stories will speak to your heart and circumstances.

This beautiful devotional book series is laden with practical wisdom for your everyday life, filled with Scripture and bathed in prayer.

Be prepared to be infected with hope, inspired with courage and equipped to do battle as you read the testimonies of God’s extravagant love toward you, his gift of forgiveness for you and his perpetual offer of a fresh start to you.

You should definitely get a set for you and one to have on reserve for gifts and sharing.