Super Bowl Sunday & Sacred Moments

It’s Super Bowl Sunday!

My team didn’t make it to the big game, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t watching the Super Bowl. The fridge is stocked with salsa and cheese slices. Wings and pork butt are in the smoker. Beverages are chilling and extra ice is on the back porch. Friends have been invited and reminders have been sent. The bathrooms are clean and the rest of the house is … tidy.

We are ready!

Even if you don’t succumb to football frenzy, you can probably relate to my excitement. Think about the anticipation and preparation of organizing any party, or redecorating a room in your house or planning a vacation.

Don’t you look forward to it? Of course, there is the organizing and preparation and the clean up, but the outcome is worth it, right? Parties and remodeled bathrooms and family vacations are the result of a thousand decisions to culminate an exceptional experience.

Quiet Time -What’s that?

The decision to spend moments with God creates significant experiences for eternity. The choice you make to create and keep your Quiet Time with God is sacred ground. (A Quiet Time can be reading Scripture, journaling, praying, reading a devotional or sitting quietly in anticipation of experiencing God.)

Do you look forward to your time with God like to do a Super Bowl party? Do you anticipate your Quiet Time as if you were going to meet a celebrity? Are you excited to think about receiving an affirmation or gift from Him?

True confession, there have been seasons when I set God on the back burner. My Bible collected dust and my prayers were boring. Let me suggest a couple ways to ignite fresh passion for God’s word so that your Quiet Time is a Get-to and not a Have-To.

When the Bible seems stale.

To make the Bible more interesting and enjoyable, switch up the version you’re reading. It’s okay, really! You won’t explode into flames. Use the New Living Translation or The Message or get a Chronological Bible. Remember, the reason we read the Bible is to know God better and deeper, not to pass a test on a genealogy of Jesus or the historical validity of the Wise men or even the number of times an angel appears in the book. It’s to discover who God is and who we are to Him!

Jump start your reading with a devotional like “Jesus Calling”, “He Holds My Hand”, “My Utmost for His Highest”, or “31 Days of Praise”. Our Daily Bread will mail or email you a devotional for free. Apps like She Reads Truth or First Five can be downloaded to your smartphone if you like digital over paper.

Making it fun to read.

I have read the whole Bible in 80 days, but all I got out of that was bragging rights. Now, I read a chapter a day. Ok – one chapter most days. I start in Genesis and work my way through the whole book. It takes me about 3 years to complete, but it sticks.

Other ideas are to read the same book of the Bible over and over. For example, read one Proverb a day or one of the gospels over and over.

Dave spent a year exclusively reading the Red Letters (and some surrounding text for context). The red letters are the words of Jesus in the New Testament.

Read stories in the Bible. Genesis is packed with them: Abraham, Noah, Moses, and Joseph! Good stuff. Read the book of Jonah or Esther or Ruth. Read about Samson or David and Goliath or Paul.

By reading the accounts of God’s faithfulness to people in the Bible – seeing how they trusted Him in the direst or most peculiar of situations, you will begin to see that what was provided for them is possible for you.

Hate to read?

Don’t think I didn’t hear that groan when I started talking about reading the Bible. Ohh, I heard that.

Listen instead! The entire Bible, in many versions, is available on audio. You can hear it for free on or buy a dramatized audio version on CDs.

God will make himself known to you in the pages of His word. He will show you how much He loves and accepts you and longs to be with you.

I want you to look forward to your Quiet Time like you anticipate a party or vacation because if you create and keep your Quiet Time, God will make it sacred. The more holy moments you collect with Him, the deeper your capacity for love and wider your understanding of who God is and who you are to Him will be.

What’s next?

So, how will you jumpstart your Quiet Time? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Prayer: Lord of heaven and earth. How soon I forget all your benefits to me. Remind me to read your Word. Woo me to spend time with you. I want to feel your love. Fill me. Lead me. Love me. In Jesus Name amen. 

Scripture for today. 

Praise the Lord, my soul;
all my inmost being, praise his holy name.

Praise the Lord, my soul,
and forget not all his benefits—

who forgives all your sins
and heals all your diseases,

who redeems your life from the pit
and crowns you with love and compassion

who satisfies your desires with good things
so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

Ps. 103:1-5