I know Robyn’s story and it includes one teachable moment after another. She is a Speak Up Conference graduate, a gifted storyteller, and a powerful Bible teacher. She communicates her love for the Lord and for people on and off the platform. Robyn is available to speak at women’s conferences, retreats, and special programs. I highly recommend her ministry!
Carol Kent, Speaker and Author 


I was just introduced to Robyn Dykstra.  I find her to be delightful.  Please take time to lean in and listen.”
Patsy Clairmont, Speaker and Author


I frequently attend conferences for my career and she is the best speaker I have heard by far.  Robyn Dykstra is an amazing, energetic speaker who has the ability to engage her audience from the moment she says her first words.  She tells her life’s story vivaciously and shares her love for Christ passionately. 
– Marty Kamprath, Spiritual Retreat Chairperson


Women will be deeply touched and inspired by Robyn’s incredible journey.  Packed with energy and humor, her stories will encourage women to search their own hearts to find the peace and joy God intends us to have.
Crystal Bowman, Best selling author and National conference speaker


Women of all ages have come to me after our event with Robyn and have told me how much they enjoyed hearing her speak.  She used her life experiences and humor to engage us all in a message full of encouragement and practical application for daily spiritual growth.  She was a pleasure to work with and was very personable and flexible!
Erica, Women’s Ministry Director


Robyn hits the mark every time, as she speaks with conviction, humor, and transparency, deeply rooted in scripture. She has an innate gift of following the Holy Spirit’s lead. Robyn is an all-time favorite, as she is able to speak to the heart of women, regardless of the topic.  She is sure to bless and challenge women, of all ages, to a higher level of their Christian walk in a practical way.  Chrisann Fitzgerald, Retreat Coordinator


Robyn recently spoke at our annual women’s banquet.  She is an excellent speaker who is able to present a perfect mix of humor, interesting life experiences and an inspirational message which she relates beautifully with scripture readings.  I didn’t want her presentation to end!!  We received many compliments for choosing Robyn to speak at our church and we have heard from many women that they would like to see Robyn speak again.
Deb,  Women’s Ministry Director


Robyn was a great keynote speaker to work with.  Robyn was so attentive to the women on the day of the event.  She engaged them in conversation prior to the start of the event and then throughout the day; she took the time to pray with women and talk one-on-one as needed. Her keynotes messages were absolutely wonderful! She made the women laugh, cry, and look introspectively into their lives with how God can use them; where they’re at, with what they have, when they can. Robyn brought practical advice, heart-warming stories and a clear gospel message. She was a hit all around!
Robin Gore, Retreat Coordinator, Platteville, WI  


Robyn Dykstra was the perfect pick for our weekend women’s retreat!She had our women laughing together, crying together, and on their knees in prayer together.  Robyn gives all glory to God for the work that He has done in her life, and in turn God is using her in a powerful way through speaking! Robyn’s message is for women of all ages and all backgrounds. Consider having her share at you next women’s event!
Jodi Johnson, Women’s Retreat Coordinator, Northwood, ND


We all so enjoyed our day with Robyn and were greatly blessed and entertained by the words and stories she shared with us.   In completing the survey for our retreat, 100% of the women enjoyed hearing her and said to invite her back again.
Connie Cole, Women’s Retreat Chair, Muskegon, MI


Robyn did a fantastic job weaving the Christmas story, the Gospel, and her personal unbelievable story  at our Christmas program.  Her energy ignited the sanctuary.  Her humor was off the charts funny! Her relatability made it easy for the ladies to follow Jesus.
Sharon Daum, Women’s Ministry, Warren OH 


To have Robyn speak at your event, contact her at 616-363-4608 or email her at robyn@robyndykstra.com