Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Ever been scared? So scared and there’s nothing you can do about the situation? 

I was just there and it wasn’t any fun, but I learned it’s never as hopeless as it seems and there is always something you can do about it.

Dave, who never gets sick, got violently ill. Pretty scary for a gal who’s already buried 2 husbands. He had a fever, chills, muscle aches, light-headedness and stabbing pains through his mid-section. Right away, I was ready to call an ambulance, but he wouldn’t hear of it.


Of course, I fretted and feared. But then I realized that while circumstances were out of my control, they weren’t out of God’s. I started banging on the gates of heaven for relief, and for healing, and I called in reinforcements to pray with me in agreement.

A doctor friend came by and diagnosed him with influenza. Not the 24-hour stomach flu, but the ugh, feels like it’s going to last forever, wish you were dead, respiratory flu.

I stayed close, mopping his forehead, monitoring his temperature, watching for signs of pneumonia, dehydration and heart failure as he writhed in puddles of sweat, mumbling incoherently.

Praying. Praying. Praying.

  • Proclaiming God’s goodness – even in the midst of the lousy circumstances.
  • Being thankful for anything and everything that wasn’t related to Dave’s dis-ease.
  • Compelling the gap between heaven and earth to close.

In the second week of this crud, there was some relief and by the third week, healing really took hold. Though he tired easily, I could see progress every day.

Options for facing down dread. 

We have two choices when we get backed into the corner of dreadful circumstances.

1.) Slink down, suck our thumbs, cry, complain and give up, or …

2.) Look up, praise God, thank him for what is as we call heaven down to earth for what we long for and wait expectantly for God to show up.

It’s in the times when we cannot effect a change that God shows up as our Savior, Healer, Redeemer, Strength, Rescuer, Warrior, Peace, King, Sovereign, Security and Final Answer.

We see it throughout the Bible, when God’s people are backed up, or overrun, or under fire and look to Him for relief and solutions.

  • Between a rock and a hard place (Exodus 14)
  • Under water and under pressure (Jonah)
  • When the battle rages (Joshua 10)
  • In utter hopelessness (2 Kings 6:24-7:20)
  • Facing giants (1 Samuel 17)
  • Restoring mistakes (2 Samuel 12)

Your best strategy.

I don’t know where you are today or what you’re facing, but know that while your circumstances may be out of your control, they are not out of God’s. Though there may be nothing you can do practically, there is always something you can do spiritually.

  • Seek His face (Ps. 105:4)
  • Offer praises and thanksgiving for what is good. (Ps. 105:1-7)
  • Pray expectantly for intervention. (Philippians 4:6-7)
  • Repeat.

I’d love to know how God has shown up for you and/or what you do when it feels like all is lost. Leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to read it.

Prayer: Father, there is so much in this life that shakes us up. Be present in our lives and our circumstances. Let us experience your peace as we wait for you be, or solve or redeem. We love you. Help us to trust you in all things. In Jesus Name. Amen.