How to Clarify God’s Leading

The big adventure.

When I married Adventure Boy (Craig) he came with an airplane, a motorcycle and a riding lawn mower. He said, “Babe-a-licious, (cuz that’s what he called me), it’s absolutely ridiculous for you to own a vehicle you don’t know how to operate. So, I’m going to teach you to fly!”

That sounded like more fun than it was. Part of the required training to get a private pilot’s license includes stalling the engine till it feels like you’re falling out of the sky, making dizzyingly tight turns without losing a foot of altitude, doing so many takeoffs and landings your ears permanently plug, and learning to navigate by triangulating topical maps.

But, then there was night flying. Oh, Friend, there is nothing quite like floating above the earth’s twinkling lights with the moon hanging above you. It’s quite glorious.

Following procedures. 

Nighttime landings at small airports require pilots to rely on their instruments and the runway lights to guide them down safely. If you come in too low or too slow, you splat. Too high or too hot, you overshoot.

If you execute procedures correctly, you’ll follow the path of white runway lights to safety. (Don’t follow the blue lights, those are just for taxiing.)

There’s no room for improv or personal preference. There’s no margin for bad judgement. You must do the training and follow the procedures to stay safe.

The same principles that get pilots on the ground safely hold true for landing safely inside God’s will and leading.  For a reminder about discerning God’s guidance or leading, click here for a quick review.

Do the training:

As you pray for guidance or answers and sense God leading, confirm it by asking these questions.

  1. Is this leading consistent with God’s nature?
  2. Is what you’re sensing specifically addressed in the Bible?
  3. Do the circumstances line up?
  4. Has the solution come up in random conversations with people you trust?
  5. Have people who love you and love God affirmed this leading?
  6. Does the answer bring you comfort, assurance and peace?

Proceed with confidence.

If so, then you can proceed with confidence.

As you look to the heavens for answers, guidance, and leading, you can confirm that what you’re hearing is from God.

Landing safely:

What do you feel God is leading you to? 

I’d love to agree in prayer with you for the yes in your heart. Leave me a comment below and I’ll pray over every one.

Verse for today: Your word is a lamp for my feet,
a light on my path. Psalm 119:105 (NIV)

Prayer: Lord, I know you only want what is best for us even if that means change. Lord, confirm your leading to us and give us the courage to take action on what you ask. Verify each step of the way. In Jesus Name amen.

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