Do You Have A Story To Tell? Speak Up!

I am often asked,
“How did you get started speaking?”

My mom would probably say
I stood up in my crib and asked,
“Where’s my spotlight!”

I’ve been speaking for as long as I can remember.
Bible study teacher,
small group leader,
breakout session speaker
and eventually gained enough momentum
to enter full-time ministry as a
conference and retreat keynote speaker.

I love to share what I’ve learned and experienced
so others can avoid my mistakes
or apply the discoveries I’ve made.

Do you have a story to share?
Would you like to tell others
what God has done in your life?
Is there a book in you that needs to get out?

If the answer is yes,
but you don’t know where to start,
let me give you 3 ideas to begin.


Pray for guidance.
Ask God what to share
and places to share them.


Write the bones of your story down.
It should include an opening illustration,
three to five things you have learned
and a close that summarizes
what you want an audience to take away.


Ask your pastor or English teacher friend to read and evaluate it.
It’s really important that someone who speaks to audiences
or has skills to edit and correct mistakes look over your story.
This protects you from sharing too much, too soon.
It will sharpen the story and safeguard against errors.

It’s best not to ask anyone you eat holiday meals with to be your editor,
even if they are English Lit teachers.
You may not like what they say.
Remember an editor’s job is to find what’s wrong
and help you fix it. 

I get that it’s easy for me to tell you what to do
but if you want help figuring out HOW to do it,
consider attending a speakers conference,
like the Speak Up Conference!

Even the best of speakers still need to hone their skills.
Going to a speakers conference will give you
methods for creating teachings,
positive feedback and critiques, and
practical ideas for finding speaking jobs
in an environment that is supportive and not competitive.

I’ve attended many speaking conferences.

Speak Up is the BEST!

Every year, I get something of value that
enhances my skill as a speaker and author,
not to mention all the like minded friendships
I’ve gained. 

If you have a book or a teaching
bursting out of you,
join me at the
Speak Up Conference
in Grand Rapids, MI
this summer.

There is a speaking track
and a writers track.
You’ll have access to the faculty
throughout the conference.
You will learn from the pros.
You’ll grow where you need it the most.

You’ll meet kindred spirits
who will help you believe this dream of
writing and/or speaking can be a reality.

Carol Kent
Speak Up Conference

I hope I see you there!


  1. Elaine Hameister on May 26, 2017 at 11:33 am

    Would love to go—we will be in Michigan one month–July l5 to Aug. l5. Flying into GR, and friends driving us to Petoskey, where we’ll be able to spend time with 4 great grandchildren—-I have written and published 4 children’s books, and co-authored one, and I have edited 3 adult novels, based on WW2–and yup, I’ve got another book to write—Elaine Hameister

    • Robyn Dykstra on May 26, 2017 at 11:45 am

      Elaine, How wonderful! Congratulations!

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