Speakers Wanted

Speakers Wanted

Do you sense God calling you to share your story … but, you don’t know what to do with that tug on your heart?


Maybe you:

Don’t know where to start …

Not sure what to say …

Lack of confidence …

Afraid of getting it wrong …

Tried on your own and failed …

Too old, too late, too hard, just don’t think you’re good enough?


I get it. It can be daunting.


I know because I started out just like you.


I wasnt famous. I wasnt credentialed – didnt even have a college degree. I had no platform. No book. No website.


I had nothing … but a call on my life to share my testimony and lead others to trust and follow Jesus.


Now, I speak to thousands of people at 40+ events every year.


Let me help.

Let me help you start or grow your speaking opportunities.


Ive been speaking forever and coaching speakers for a decade. Some would say Im a speaking ninja. Let me help you figure out how to start and grow your speaking opportunities.


I offer a very cool speaking course called Christian Speakers Boot Camp.


Whats Christian Speakers Boot Camp all about?

Well, its a fully immersive, 8 week experience consisting of in-person calls with me and a library of done-for-you multimedia tools built from the ground up utilizing my uniqueSpeaker Success Path,” which is the fastest way to build a flourishing speaking ministry.


The first thing you get is … 8 Weekly Group Implementation Calls with me which are designed to move you from your inspiration stage to your implementation stage…

… You’ll gain clarity about helping specific people with specific problems in an ever expanding speaking ministry.


The next thing you get is … Personalized Speech Writing and Evaluations with me.


Once you have your signature talk drafted, I’ll review and revise it so you know you’ve got a winner of a talk to share.


Then, to give you confidence presenting it, youll have a one-on-one Zoom call with me where you’ll read through your talk so we can fine tune the content with your voice and choreograph” your delivery to make sure it “sticks!”

… You will feel confident that your signature talk has been practiced and reviewed so you sound, move and look like a pro. You’ll feel a sense of calm confidence as your message flows from you naturally.


You also get …  a suite of strategies to find and book speaking engagements. You cant be a speaker if you have no place to speak. These are the same strategies I use to keep my calendar full. Of course, I’ll provide you with checklists and templates for you to cut and paste.


You’ll even role play these strategies with me on our implementation calls to give you the assurance (and courage) to say the right things the right way to close the deal and book the gig.


Imagine this.

Can you imagine your delight and excitement when you start booking gigs to share your powerful story? It’s awesome and verifies God’s call on your life to speak.

By the way, most Boot Camp participants book at least one gig before graduation.


This 8 week interactive class starts next week.

Trust me when I say, Christian Speakers Boot Camp the BEST way to fast track your speaking skills and opportunities to share your story with excellence and lead others to the astonishing revelation of Gods love and grace.

Best of all, youll be working directly with me to make sure you stay on track and eliminating all the guesswork.

Sound interesting?

Click here for all the details and bonuses and special pricing you get for enlisting now. Offer ends Tues. Sept 20, 2022


Verse for today: And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, Here am I! Send me.” Isaiah 6:8 

Prayer: Jesus, I love you. Help me share who you are to me with others. Give me the words and the courage and if you are calling me to speak in public, show me how. In your name we pray, amen. 


P.S. Still not sure? Ok, you have questions. Youre thorough. Jump on a call with me. I promise – no pushy sales pitch, just a quick conversation to set your mind at ease about whether Christian Speakers Boot Camp is right for you.

Click here to schedule a quick call with me.

But dont be dawdling. Class starts soon.

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