Be Not Afraid. God Is Still On The Throne.



Three word sentences can change your life.

If you heard …

Congratulations, you’re hired!
or Hurrah, you’re pregnant!
or You’re cancer free!
It would dramatically change your life, wouldn’t it?

Several years ago, Mr. 4-Ever (that’s my man) and I joined a dinner party group.

At first, we just got together to eat and play games. We talked about the weather or the game or our kid’s latest escapades. It’s grown into a safe haven, a place to share new recipes as well as  life’s triumphs and challenges.

It’s so special, we don’t post pictures on Facebook or tweet about our time together. It would feel like a breach of privacy.


There is a bond between us that blossomed from casual conversation to committed comrades. The three word sentence, I LOVE YOU is heard often.

When a kid acts up or a basement floods or sickness strikes, the three word sentence I NEED HELP is responded to with love, compassion, meals and prayers. 

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