Crisis Prayer Request

In the Crazy tree? 

The crazy tree is the one you climb when life is out of control. When people you love don’t behave properly, or money is way short, or you discover a secret that you wish you hadn’t.

You know, I’m a big advocate of doing life in a community where your BFF can see you climbing the crazy tree from her kitchen window and holler at you to come down and have coffee with her instead.

But, sometimes, you’re too quick, too sneaky and you get past her. POOF! You’re in the crazy tree alone and scared and the self-talking is all negative. It’s bad and you don’t know how to get down. When that happens, you have to do perform CPR on yourself. 

Crisis. Prayer. Request.

When you have no one to climb up for you, you have to call on God to come down to you with a Crisis Prayer Request. You need Heaven to invade Earth. You need a spotlight of God’s faithfulness and love to permeate your crazy circumstances so you can release the crazy and climb out of that tree.

In moments of crazy or fear or worry or calamity, when the enemy is whispering to give up, YOU NEED HEAVEN TO INVADE EARTH.

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