Robyn shares messages that will encourage and equip you
experience God’s love and connect deeply with Christ. 

She teaches the Bible by topic or theme at retreats, conferences,
special occasion events, 
Christmas programs and Congregational Services.

As a former Red Hot Mess with a reckless disregard for God, Robyn has experienced
the transforming power of God’s love. Being widowed twice in four years gives her the
unique voice to speak about disappointment, loss, joy, and faith.

You can trust her to clearly proclaim the love, hope, and salvation of Jesus Christ to those
who think they are too far gone or that it’s too late for a miracle.

Through in-depth Biblical teaching and hilarious personal illustrations,
you are guaranteed an exciting event!

Robyn is a highly interactive speaker, working personally with you to create events that
encourage, entertain and transform your guests. Attendees will be delighted by the personal
attention they receive from her
 on and off the platform.  

Some of her most popular themes:
1. Stronger Together:  Real life happens whether you like it or not! Build a fortress of faith that will withstand crisis and challenges. Lean on God’s promises, pray with expectancy, and forge life-giving friendships so you can leave a legacy of integrity and faith.
Hebrews 10:24 And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. (NIV)

  • You Belong – God desires a relationship with you. He makes you big promises for every situation or season. Robyn shares the 7 promises that lay a foundation to build a strong relationship with God.
  • Praying Expectantly – Partner with God in prayer to change everything. Discover how to pray expectantly, hear from God, and change the world on your knees.
  • Stronger Together Discover who you were created to be as a child of God and a woman worthy of deep lasting relationships. Overcome negative self-sabotaging talk with God’s truth to know you are worthy of deep love.
  • Your Next Step  How do you walk out your personal faith and establish your legacy? It’s easier than you expect. Love God enough to love his people.

2. Your Heart, His Home: God longs for a place in your heart to call home. Replace any guilt and shame you have with God’s acceptance and freedom to heal your emotions, clarify your decisions and enhance your relationships.
John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. (NIV)

  • Your heart, His Home Robyn shares her story of redemption from Playboy Bunny to Bible teacher. You will see how to lay the foundation to make Jesus at home in your heart and believing God’s promises are for you.
  • Breaking Free Don’t let your dreams die, your joy be stolen, or your relationships be destroyed. Discover how to let go of past hurts and habits that keep you from the life you were designed to enjoy.
  • Forgiven – Jesus died to pay for ALL sins, not just skinny little ones you can forgive yourself for, but the big, fat atrocities that keep you up at night worrying. Release regrets and revenge to gain the peace God promises to you by extending forgiveness and resisting resentment. 
  • Sharing your story –Everyone has a story.  An important story that will fortify faith and glorify the Father. Stories bond and endear us to one another as they break down the barriers of comparisons, shame and fear. Discover why your story matters and how to share it with others.
3. Balance For Your Busy Life: These life giving messages revolve around discovering your purpose for this season of life and saying yes to less so you have the rockets and resources to say yes to the things that really matter! Learn how you can reclaim contentment, find calm in the chaos, and give yourself pause long enough to discern God’s assurance and direction. 
Matthew 6:33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. (NIV)
  • Foundation for Faith – A balanced life needs a foundation of faith to build on. Robyn shares promises that lay a foundation to build a strong relationship with God and others. 
  • Balancing Life Women are busy. You have families, careers, ministries and homes to attend to.  How can you do it all and not ending up physically, emotionally and spiritually empty?  Discover practical strategies to regain and keep your balance.
  • Contagious Contentment – There is a lot in life that we cannot change. If nothing is impossible for God, how do you know when to be content and when to contend for more?  What it authentic contentment? How do you get it and when do you engage it?
  • Discerning the Voice of God – Practical ways to hear God’s voice to get the assurance you need, discern his direction for your life and find the courage and confidence you need to make decisions.  

You will laugh…. you may cry…… and most importantly, you will leave knowing God loves you, hears you and sees you!

Phone: 616-363-4608