Robyn shares messages of
encouragement and inspiration
so that women’s lives can be transformed.

She teaches the Bible by topic or theme at
retreats, conferences, special occasion events,
and Christmas programs.

As a former Red Hot Mess with a reckless disregard for God,
Robyn has experienced the transforming power of God’s love.
Being widowed twice in four years gives her the unique voice to speak to
you about disappointment, loss, joy, and faith.
You can trust her to proclaim the love, hope, and salvation of Jesus Christ
to women who think they are too far gone or that it’s too late for a miracle.

Through in-depth Biblical teaching and hilarious personal illustrations,
you are guaranteed a fun-filled event!

Some of her most popular themes include:
Real Life Requires Real Faith: Real life happens whether you like it or not! Build a fortress of faith that will withstand crisis and challenges. Lean on God’s promises, pray with expectancy, and forge life-giving friendships so you can leave a legacy of integrity and faith.

Bringing Balance To Your Busy Life: You are busier than ever!  Discover how you can reclaim contentment, find calm in the chaos, and even give yourself permission to rest. 

Your Heart, His Home: A broken or bitter heart affects your emotions, decisions and relationships.  Break free of regrets and revenge to gain the peace God promises to you by extending forgiveness and resisting resentment.

Robyn is a highly interactive speaker,
working personally with you to create
events that inspire, entertain and transform your guests.

 Robyn invests personally with your attendees, spending time with them on and off the platform.  

You will laugh…. you may cry…… and most importantly,
you will leave knowing God’s love is for you!

Phone: 616-363-4608