Training for Team Jesus

Are you staying up late to watch the Olympics? 

Have you picked your favorite athletes?
Do you stand in front of your television screaming,
“Go! Go! Go!”
“You can do it!”
 “Don’t give up!”

I do.
I cheer.
I jump up and down.
I applaud.

When Team USA wins, it feels like I win.

You can learn a lot by watching the Olympics.


You can learn about
Overcoming Obstacles.

Every single athlete has a story of overcoming obstacles.
Painful injuries.
Intimidating adversaries.
Not enough money for training or equipment.
Loneliness, separation, living apart from family while training.

Can you relate?

Most of us have had to overcome obstacles.
Financial dry spells.
The pain of an illness or broken relationships.
Having to defend our faith or our reputation.
Feeling alone, forsaken, abandoned.


The athletes at the Olympics persevered through all
their hardships in order to participate in the games.

We need to do the same.

We pray for relief or provision as we work toward restoring
But we must press on!


You can learn about
Operating In Your Passion.

 Every athlete is passionate about their sport.
They compete for the love of that sport.
They endure the obstacles to experience the pleasure of participation.
Fame and fortune may come as a byproduct of what they do, but
Olympians compete.

Can you relate?

What would you do 24/7 and never tire of?
Is it writing?

Working with children, elderly or refugees?
Volunteering at the hospital,
animal clinic,
museum or
(fill in the blank)?

Maybe your passion is something that makes you
hopping mad like pervasive pornography
or makes you cry at the thought of  it
like abortion,
human trafficking or
animal cruelty.

That passion is God driven.

That passion is likely an invitation from the Almighty
to enter into His calling,

to declare His strength in you,
to make a statement
or make a change.

Don’t wait!

Don’t wait for a better time or
more money or till the children are older.
Go after that thing that makes you feel alive
and demonstrates God’s gifts and power living in you.


You will learn that
You can’t do it alone. 

 Even athletes who perform solos have a team.
There are trainers and nutritionalists.
There are doctors and donors,
sponsors and cheerleaders.

You need be on a team, too.
Actively look for people who will support you,
encourage you,
call you out on your shenanigans,
cover your weakness and
love you no matter what.
(You may have to be that person for them first.)

You’ll be stronger and safer if you are part of a team or community.

Bible study season is coming.

Would you do me a favor and look for the woman who needs Team Jesus?
The one who needs God desperately?

The great commission in Matthew 28:18-20 tells us to
search out and train disciples.
Another way to say that is to help others learn what you know
so they can believe who you believe.

When I first started in Bible Study, I knew virtually nothing.
I didn’t know how to navigate my Bible.
I didn’t know pray.
I couldn’t understand the homework and dreaded going to class.

Louise, a gracious and compassionate woman of God
with her eyes open for upstarts
took me on as her personal mission field. 
She taught me how to study the Bible.
She had me memorize Scripture that assured me of God’s love.
She led me to believe I could be sure of my salvation.

When I made progress, Louise celebrated.
When I conquered a bad habit, Louise had victory, too.
When I started teaching other women what I knew,
Louise nodded approvingly and quietly cheered me on.

Louise’s medals can’t be worn around her neck or set on her mantel.
But she is delighted with her trophies …
the many women she tutored and trained to become
women of God.

You may never be an Olympic athlete,
you could be a woman who trains one to love Jesus.

Scripture Refresher: Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:18-20

Prayer: God, I need to have people in my life. I want to be trained and equipped to share the joy of knowing you. Lead me to a woman who will train me and one with whom I can share what I know. Amen.

Tell me about your passion and
how you are being trained or
training someone else.



  1. JoAnne Wi-ski on August 13, 2016 at 3:29 pm

    My passion is helping people with brIn based disorders and their family members through NAMI. I look at this as a higher calling. It is serving others.

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