Your Legacy Starts Now

What will you be known for?

Do you spend any time pondering your legacy? How will people remember you? What stories will be told about you? How will you be described when you leave your current church, or workplace or neighborhood or this life?

We all want to be remembered well. Unfortunately, in an effort to create a great legacy, we can get into trouble by trying to do everything, and end up burned out and overwhelmed or feel so hopeless that we do nothing!

Lord have mercy! How do you find balance and direction?

What does God require?

Medical professionals use the term “potentiate”. It means to augment or accelerate the efficacy of a drug. So, when two drugs are taken together, the secondary drug augments or accelerates the effectiveness of the first one.

God commands us to love him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength (Mark 12:30-31) and to love others as Jesus loves us (John 13:34).

Our legacy is built by loving God and loving His people using our gifts, talents and life experiences to demonstrate God’s love to others.

In other words, we are to potentiate God’s love to others.

What did God put in you to potentiate his love to the world?

  • Are you kind?
  • Do you pray?
  • Are you thankful?
  • Do you smile often?
  • Are you an encourager?
  • Are you generous with your time or money?
  • Can you teach a skill like exercise or money management or baking?

These are all great ways to potentiate God’s love but I don’t want you to miss a really important one. Making disciples. 

The last thing Jesus commands before returning to heaven is to make disciples. (Matt 28:19)

We do that by potentiating the love of God to them. By building relationships that create a safe space to speak the truth of God to them. 

I’ve guided hundreds and hundreds of women from starting our to standing firm in their faith, but I know how intimidating it can be to teach others about God. How much do you need to know? Where do you start and what do you say?

You might feel so insecure about what to tell or teach that you do nothing. Or, you might overwhelm by trying to tell them everything you know. 

That’s why I wrote the Journey to Trust Discipleship Bible study. Journey to Trust is a series of short fun videos you watch with one or two or five or ten others who want to know Jesus better. 

Journey to Trust: 

  • Teaches God’s Word and his Ways.
  • Eliminates crippling habits and patterns of the past.
  • Activates faith with specific action steps.

Each lesson comes in video, audio and transcription formats. Every lesson has 

  • a summary of the lesson
  • a Bible study worksheet 
  • group discussion questions
  • suggested action steps for the lesson 
  • a closing prayer. 

This is discipleship made easy. There is no prep for you and no homework for them; everything you need is included.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours studying, researching, and living the lessons in Journey to Trust. It clearly instructs the ten core Christian beliefs necessary to trust and follow Jesus.

Don’t miss this! 

Right now Journey to Trust is on sale, but today is the last day to get the special introductory price. Go to and get it today so you can potentiate the love of God to others and build a legacy of faith. 

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